#ripping my heart out from my chest would be less painful

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I don’t think I’d ever seen this as the full shot! Nice.

this is super great, i never knew jim was in that picture

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this hurts so much. that even for a second she ended up thinking he betrayed her. him being away didn’t break her. i’m not saying it was easy, but she believed she’d get him back, had hope. and then he was back and her world got shattered again and this time apparently beyond repair. it’s gonna take so long and it’s gonna hurt like a fucking bitch to rebuild that trust and believe and heal the crack that her heart took from this (mine too.)

i just hope they’ll make it.

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it just hit me again that he was gone for two months TWO WHOLE FUCKING MONTHS and my baby was all alone and and and didn’t know where to look anymore and still she didn’t give up and then all of a sudden he is back but he’s not and it just destroys me i cannot deal with this. she’s so hurt and broken and he is too and babies WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DO THIS TO MY POOR BABIES i am so done with this show. i am not okay.

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I JUST REALIZED WE’RE GONNA GET A BEAUTIFUL HEART WRENCHING REUNION SCENE AND I AM NOT OKAY like for me this almost makes up for the ruined wedding and stuff, they are gonna be so happy and crying because they are finally back together and they are gonna punch us right in the feels and we’re gonna go down but it will be fabulous and perfect

okay i hate the world i wanted fabulous and perfect and not broken and barely reconizableeeeeee my babies just let them be happyyyy

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Rob Hanning speaks the truth.


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can we talk about the cinematography in this scene because wow

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remind me again why this woman doesn’t have all the awards

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