10 Weeks Of Hiatus: Season 6 Appreciation Challenge TWO Babies: Cosmo/Benny & Sarah Grace

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no but look at her being all cute and smiley and adorable and dreamy because this is her favorite author reading a story to her and despite him being annoying all the time this is still the greatest thing for her and he doesn’t even realize what he does to her with just his words and his voice and can you see them just sitting on the couch some times now him reading to her because once late at night after they turned off the lights and cuddled together in bed she told him how much this means to her and now that he knows it just makes him happy and awww

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The way he grips her cheekbone to pull her in closer kills me everytime

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It’s kind of weird and surreal when you think back and realise how much beckett and castle have changed since the start of castle, like wow it makes me tear up.

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10 weeks of Hiatus : Season 6 Appreciation Challenge
Week 1 : One Episode : 
6x05 - Time Will Tell

 ”Whatever crazy theory I could have come up with, this is better”

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10 Weeks Of Hiatus: Season 6 Appreciation Challenge ONE Episode: Number One Fan

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10 Weeks Of Hiatus: Season 6 Appreciation Challenge

So in celebration of the fact that today we hit the 10 week mark on the Season 7 countdown (assuming the premiere airs September 22), I wanna challenge myself and everyone who’s interested to create something for one topic each week till then. I want to honor a great 6th season of Castle and therefore the challenges should be filled with material from this season.

07/14 - 07/20 ONE Episode

07/21 - 07/27 TWO Babies

07/28 - 08/03 THREE Wedding Things

08/04 - 08/10 FOUR Loving Looks

08/11 - 08/17 FIVE Kisses

08/18 - 08/24 SIX Family Moments

08/25 - 08/31 SEVEN People

09/01 - 09/07 EIGHT Touches

09/08 - 09/14 NINE Outfits

09/15 - 09/21 TEN Smiles

If you want to join just tag your post with #10WOH so I can find and reblog your awesome creations :)

I hope you guys have fun with this little challenge be it through participation or just with the finished stuff 

xx Vicky

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Ep 7x01 TBD

Written by David Amann

Directed by Rob Bowman (x)

Guys, do you realize. I can’t. This is just to much.

I love the strategically placed Red Bull and sun glasses. They clearly do not want us to see the guest star. Also, murderboard in the back… suspicious.

I didn’t even figured that. Thank you. 

Is that James Brolin behind that Red Bull and glasses?!

New murder board at Beckett’s apartment?

Certainly would seem that way. Completely different layout than her mom’s murder board.

Yeah, I just can’t make out Castle’s face or shape in any of the photos.

The only photo I can see on the board is a headshot of some sort. Too far away to tell more than that. Looks like there might be crime scene photos at the top, but I’m not convinced. Too hard to tell with the lighting and the distance. Needless to say, if it were JB’s board, there would be shots of the other three victims on the shutters, and of Raglan, Montgomery and McAllister on the window pane. None of that is there, so its either an alternate version of JB’s board, of an all new one.

I totally see McAllister and Montgomery on there so I’m guessing it’s the old murder board. But I feel like the form of the eyes of the guy in the headshot could be 3XK’s but I’m not sure.

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