Uhhm… couldn’t resist watching another episode…

I already see myself rewatching the whole series while waiting for the Castle-mondays… Just like it went with Bones, waiting for season eight: ‘Maybe I’ll watch one tiny episode, only this one…’ And after all I saw all seven seasons again…

But what’s wrong with that (except from getting more and more addicted, if that’s even possible)?

So I went on with episode two (Nanny McDead) and I think my top 5 moments were:

- Castle having to sign papers instead of going to the murderscene with Beckett

Castle: What, we have a case?

Beckett: No, I have a case, you have paperwork…

- Caskett talking about marriage

- Beckett insisting on not-guessing

- Castle randomly knocking a door and the old man totally misunderstanding the situation

- Martha telling Castle:

You do realize that you gonna have to stop stealing evidence, right?

Ouuu, I’m so lovin it! 

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